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Budapest Pride Draws 30,000 ~ Ghana Proposes 10 Years for Gay “Crimes” ~ Daley Wins Olympic Gold ~ Catholic Priest Caught Using Grindr ~ etc.

Some 30,000 marchers flooded the streets of Budapest for the city’s annual Pride event on Saturday in protest of a new law that bans discussion of LGBTQ themes and characters in schools and on daytime television. The European Union began legal proceedings over the law last week, and Hungarian prime minister Victor Orbán announced that it would be put to a referendum. Also on Saturday, some 65,000 people marched in the annual Christopher Day Parade in Berlin, with Berlin’s senator for culture Klaus Lederer expressing sympathy for the situation in Hungary and Poland.

Ghana Proposes Long Sentences for LGBTQ “Crimes”

“Draft anti-gay legislation submitted to Ghana’s parliament could propose up to 10 years in jail for LGBTQ+ people as well as groups and individuals who advocate for their rights, express sympathy or offer social or medical support,” The Guardian reported. But equality advanced in Latin America, with the Chilean Senate approving a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage; President Sebastián Piñera has thrown his support behind the bill, which will now go to the House of Representatives. And in Argentina, applicants for passports will soon have the option of designating their gender as “X” in addition to “M” or “F.”

Tom Daley Wins Olympic Gold

Gay diver Tom Daley won the first Olympic gold medal of his career “with a sublime display alongside Matty Lee in a nerve-filled men’s synchronised 10m platform event,” according to the BBC. Watch their spectacular dive here! The tally of out LGBTQ athletes participating in the games continues to increase, with the total standing at 168 as of publication. And NHL prospect Luke Prokop, a 19-year-old currently playing for the Calgary Hitmen, came out as gay, in what CNN described as “a first for the league.”

Catholic Priest Resigns After Being Outed as Grindr User

Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill resigned his post as general secretary of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops after a Catholic newsletter reported that he visited gay bars and used Grindr based on data from his cellphone. According to the report, Burrill was identified based on “commercially available app signal data” “aggregated and sold by data vendors” and subsequently deanonymized. The New York Times lamented “the nightmare of our snooping phones: A Catholic official’s resignation shows the real-world consequences of America’s data-harvesting industries.”

Wig Check

On Twitter, Bob the Drag Queen chronicled a recent encounter at the airport: “Yall TSA man has removed my wig from the bag and is running it through the scanner by itself.” The wig was eventually released.

Man Charged With Sodomy in Maryland

Sheriff’s deputies arrested nine men in a raid on an adult book store in Abingdon, Maryland, charging at least one of them under Maryland’s sodomy law, the Unnatural or Perverted Sexual Practice Act. The status of the case remains unclear, but the U.S. Supreme Court struck down all sodomy laws in its 2003 decision in Lawrence v. Texas, and the state law may have been formally repealed last year.

Crime Blotter

In Atlanta, three people were arrested and charged with cruelty to children after a video surfaced of a 12-year-old boy with the word “GAY” shaved into his scalp. “‘You think this is on the side of your head for no reason, is that what you think?’” a man reportedly says in the video “before slapping the boy hard in the side of his head. In Corsica, a gay couple was beaten by a mob of teenagers after dancing together in a night club, the second such attack on the island in less than a year. And in California, the trial of Ed Buck for the drug-induced deaths of two men got off the ground. According to the Los Angeles Blade, Buck solicited young Black men online, lured them to his home, and coerced them into taking methamphetamine while performing sexual acts.

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