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George Bellows, "The Barricade," 1918 (Birmingham Museum of Art)

Nationalism and Homophobia: Are We the New Enemy?

It was heartening to watch videos of the Pride celebrations in Budapest on Saturday, with throngs of marchers carrying a huge rainbow flag through the streets of the Hungarian capital. “Let us walk the streets of Budapest today with our head up high,” an announcer said, “and celebrate our lives, celebrate who we are, and celebrate who we love.”

But this year’s march was more than a celebration; it was a protest against the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, which recently enacted a law that forbids LGBTQ characters and themes in educational materials and on daytime television. The law bans sharing materials with children that, the government says, could “have a detrimental effect on their development” or “confuse their developing moral values or their image of themselves.”..  >> Read more >>

Pride collage

It’s a matter of pride

I wear a pink baseball cap to the grocery store. My Levi’s special edition Harvey Milk Day cut-off denim shorts to the park. A pair of 4-rth tighty yoga shorts and big rose-tinted, purple-framed sunglasses sitting on the stoop drinking my morning coffee. An aqua, pink, and yellow Speedo to the pool. A black fun-fur North Face vest in the winter. And I’m fucking proud of it.

Gay pride is different things to different people. But as June turns to July in this year of the pandemic, I am given cause to reflect on what exactly pride is to me. I have participated in small-town pride festivals a couple of times...  >> Read more >>