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Georges Seurat, Final study for "Bathers at Asnières," 1883 (Art Institute of Chicago)

October 21, 2021

The Webb Telescope’s latest stumbling block: Its name · The successor to the Hubble Space Telescope will be named after James Webb, who as undersecretary of state from 1949 to 1952 is said to have been complicit in the Lavender Scare. ► Read more in The New York Times

Hundreds rally outside Netflix to protest Dave Chappelle’s special · The streaming platform had refused to budget after Chappelle was criticized for including transphobic jokes in his new comedy show. ► Read more at NBC News

A conservative’s faith argument for supporting LGBTQ rights · “Bipartisan passage of federal protections for LGBTQ people is pro-family, pro-business and reflective of the foundational tenets of faith and the grand experiment of our republic.”..  >> Read more >>

Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, "Four Male Nudes," 1812-1816 (Nasjonalmuseet, Norway)

October 18, 2021

Texas agency removes web pages with resources for LGBTQ youths · The pages, which included a link to a suicide prevention hotline, were removed after a Republican gubernatorial hopeful called them “offensive” and not in line with “Texas values” or “Republican Party values.” ► Read more at NBC News

A great gay thriller? It’s about time · Operation Hyacinth, now streaming on Netflix, tells the story of Poland’s 1980s gay crackdown, complete with anti-AIDS rhetoric, spying, and blackmail. ► Read more at Queerty

Minneapolis schools are spying on—and outing—queer students · Software installed on school-issued laptops “monitors students’ online behavior 24 hours a day” and is programmed to “flag LGBTQ-related terms.”..  >> Read more >>

Napoleon Sarony, "Oscar Wilde," ca. 1882 (Wikimedia Commons)

October 12, 2021

The myth of Oscar Wilde’s martyrdom · Clare Bucknell reviews Matthew Sturgis’ new biography of the “gay, Irish, Catholic, socialist” aesthete, Oscar Wilde: A Life. ► Read more in The New Yorker

“Time to honor LGBTQ people,” says Biden on National Coming Out Day · “Despite the extraordinary progress our nation has made, our work to ensure the full promise of equality is not yet done,” he said. ► Read more in the Los Angeles Blade

The overlooked LGBTQ+ history of the Harlem Renaissance · “There was a thriving LGBTQ+ scene in New York City” long before Stonewall...  >> Read more >>

Francois Boucher, "Academic Study of a Reclining Male Nude," ca. 1750 (Art Institute of Chicago)

October 7, 2021

It’s not just Roe—conservatives are looking to overturn gay marriage and more · Joe Dunman, who helped litigating Obergefell v. Hodges at the Supreme Court, argues that conservatives are coming for gay marriage—plus contraception, pornography, and gay sex. ► Read more at the Real News Network

Why LGBTQ+ design matters · Out’s editor in chief, Daniel Reynolds, outlines the power of queer creativity to create inclusive spaces and movements.” ► Read more in Out

Meet the gay man who defied the Nazis and saved thousands of lives · “Before his execution in July 1943…, Willem Arondeus asked his lawyer to spread a message after he was gone...  >> Read more >>

Jean Alaux, "Léon Pallière in His Room at the Villa Medici, Rome," 1817 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

October 6, 2021

The book club that helped spark the gay-rights movement · In the 1950s, Donald Webster Cory ran a mail-order book club for gay men, which “quietly connected a community. Then it was forgotten.” ► Read more in The New Yorker

Unseen photos of New York’s ’90s drag and trans icons · “Photographer Remsen Wolff’s forgotton archive is finally being shown to the public. ► View six gorgeous images at GAY45

A campy horror tradition returns to San Francisco · After a one-year pandemic hiatus, The Rocky Horror Show starring D’Arcy Drollinger returns to SF Oasis October 7–31. ► Read more at Queer Forty

Hungary’s path puts everyone’s rights at risk · “The…assault on LGBT+ rights in Hungary, Poland, and Russia has a very big target—anyone who signs up to universal norms.”..  >> Read more >>

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, "The Battle of Vercellae," 1725-1729 (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

October 5, 2021

Five things to know about the MCU’s first openly gay superpowered character · Bryan Tyree Henry plays a gay Phastos in Marvel’s Eternals. ► Read more at NPR

Conservative business groups support the Equality Act – Congress should heed their call · “The Human Rights Campaign’s Business Coalition for the Equality Act has recently expanded to include 467 member companies…, a combined $7.1 trillion in revenue, and more than 15 million employees.” ► Read more in Fortune

Wyoming librarians under fire for books about sex, LGBTQ issues · Residents of Campbell County have filed 35 complains about 18 books, including This Book Is Gay, which bills itself as an “instruction manual” for people who have just come out...  >> Read more >>