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Georges Seurat, Final study for "Bathers at Asnières," 1883 (Art Institute of Chicago)

October 21, 2021

The Webb Telescope’s latest stumbling block: Its name · The successor to the Hubble Space Telescope will be named after James Webb, who as undersecretary of state from 1949 to 1952 is said to have been complicit in the Lavender Scare. ► Read more in The New York Times

Hundreds rally outside Netflix to protest Dave Chappelle’s special · The streaming platform had refused to budget after Chappelle was criticized for including transphobic jokes in his new comedy show. ► Read more at NBC News

A conservative’s faith argument for supporting LGBTQ rights · “Bipartisan passage of federal protections for LGBTQ people is pro-family, pro-business and reflective of the foundational tenets of faith and the grand experiment of our republic.”..  >> Read more >>

Euphiletos Painter, Panathenaic prize amphora depicting runners, ca. 530 B.C. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

The Ancient Olympics in Art

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This year’s Olympics in Tokyo are, without a doubt, the gayest Olympics in modern history. At last count, more than 180 out LGBTQ athletes were participating in this year’s games, and “Team LGBTQ” was in eighth place with 22 medals. Only a small minority of those participants are men, and the medal count reflects that: So far, only two out gay men have won medals: Tom Daley’s gold in diving, and Carl Hester’s bronze in dressage.

Yet when not competing, today’s Olympians are more demure than ever. As Outsports reported, “male rowers now wear loose pants and medal ceremonies after 2012 bulge pics went viral.”..  >> Read more >>

Hungarian Parliament, Budapest

Budapest Pride Draws 30,000 ~ Ghana Proposes 10 Years for Gay “Crimes” ~ Daley Wins Olympic Gold ~ Catholic Priest Caught Using Grindr ~ etc.

Some 30,000 marchers flooded the streets of Budapest for the city’s annual Pride event on Saturday in protest of a new law that bans discussion of LGBTQ themes and characters in schools and on daytime television. The European Union began legal proceedings over the law last week, and Hungarian prime minister Victor Orbán announced that it would be put to a referendum. Also on Saturday, some 65,000 people marched in the annual Christopher Day Parade in Berlin, with Berlin’s senator for culture Klaus Lederer expressing sympathy for the situation in Hungary and Poland.

Ghana Proposes Long Sentences for LGBTQ “Crimes”

“Draft anti-gay legislation submitted to Ghana’s parliament could propose up to 10 years in jail for LGBTQ+ people as well as groups and individuals who advocate for their rights, express sympathy or offer social or medical support,” The Guardian reported...  >> Read more >>

Thomas Eakins, "Swimming Hole," 1895 (Amon Carter Museum)

14 Gay Books to Read at the Beach ~ Lil Nas X “Industry Baby” Drops ~ Joe Bell Heads Up Summer Movie List ~ Sex, Style, Art, and Fads

Summer is for going to the beach, for tea dances (pandemic permitting), for lazy evenings with good friends and good cocktails, for gardening. And summer is for reading. Whether your thing is contemporary gay fiction, memoirs, LGBTQ history, or poetry, we have you covered:

Fiction & Romance

  • , by Joon Oluchi Lee, won a Lammy for best gay fiction for its “kaleidoscopic” tale of a Korean ballet dancer and her “straight, though gay-cruising, Korean-American husband.” (2020)
  • , by Brontez Purnell, is a “hurricane of delirous, lonely, lewd tales…a taxonomy and grand unified theory of the boyfriend” (The New York Times).
..  >> Read more >>
Olympic swimmer Tom Daley in 2012 (CC BY 2.0 flikr)

142+ Out Athletes to Compete in Tokyo Olympics ~ HIV Increases COVID Death Risk ~ LGBTQ Rights Worldwide ~ Death Threats ~ etc.

“At least 142 out LGBTQ athletes” will compete in this year’s summer Olympics, which open Friday in Tokyo, according to Outsports. Julian Venonsky (USA, rowing) is one to watch, as are Tom Daley (UK, diving; seen above in 2012), Anton Down-Jenkins (New Zealand, diving; seen below), Jack Woolley (Ireland, taekwondo), and Markus Thormeyer (Canada, swimming). “Women on the list outnumber men by about an 8:1 margin,” Outsports writes. Come on, guys. Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib has come out, and the NFL has tweeted that “football is gay.” We can do it!


HIV Increases COVID Death Risk

A new study by the World Health Organization “found that the risk of developing severe or fatal COVID-19 was 30% greater in [people living with] HIV compared to people without HIV infection.”..  >> Read more >>

Eugène Jansson, "Flottans Badhus" ("Naval Bath House"), 1907 (Thiel Gallery, Stockholm)

18 New Gay Art Shows for the Summer of ’21 ~ Proust at 150 ~ Gay Films from Cannes ~ Bathhouse Books ~ Lil Nas X ~ More

At NBC News, Dan Allen reviews 13 new exhibitions about LGBTQ artists in the United States and Europe, all of them running through the summer. Highlights include photographs by Tom of Finland (New York); the “vivid, dreamlike paintings” of Kenyan-born artist Michael Armitage (London); the ’60s mod fashion of Rudi Gerneich, who was Harry Hay’s partner (Phoenix, Arizona); and Gregg Bordowitz’s AIDS-inflected video art (New York). Heres hoping for one sometime soon on Swedish painter Eugène Jansson (1862–1915), whose masterpiece Flottans Badhus (Naval Bath House) is pictured above.

Other shows of note include the luminous youths of Henry Scott Tuke at the Watts Gallery in England, which spawned a ; “Lucian Freud’s gay relationships” with Adrian Ryan and John Minton in Bath, England (reviewed in The Guardian); sailors and sex in Barcelona; historical photographs of Cherry Grove, Fire Island; and a decorous selection of George Platt Lynes’ nude-ish photographs of men in Boston (the last two reviewed here)...  >> Read more >>