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Thomas Eakins, "Swimming Hole," 1895 (Amon Carter Museum)

14 Gay Books to Read at the Beach ~ Lil Nas X “Industry Baby” Drops ~ Joe Bell Heads Up Summer Movie List ~ Sex, Style, Art, and Fads

Summer is for going to the beach, for tea dances (pandemic permitting), for lazy evenings with good friends and good cocktails, for gardening. And summer is for reading. Whether your thing is contemporary gay fiction, memoirs, LGBTQ history, or poetry, we have you covered:

Fiction & Romance

  • , by Joon Oluchi Lee, won a Lammy for best gay fiction for its “kaleidoscopic” tale of a Korean ballet dancer and her “straight, though gay-cruising, Korean-American husband.” (2020)
  • , by Brontez Purnell, is a “hurricane of delirous, lonely, lewd tales…a taxonomy and grand unified theory of the boyfriend” (The New York Times).
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Diadoumenos, Roman copy of work by Polykleitos, AD 69-96

The Male Nude in Western Art

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Love it or hate it, it’s hard to deny that the male nude has taken a back seat to the female nude in the history of western art.

Female nudes outnumber male ones in major museum collections. When curators just write “nude” in a caption, they tend to mean female nude; if the subject is a man, they almost always write “male nude.” And when the Rivington Design House gallery in New York put a photograph of a nude man in the window several years ago, it caused a minor scandal.

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